Further Development of Live Cam Sites

The sex industry has a great impact on the web. Exactly the porn industry was one of the main (if not the main) reasons why the Internet and mobile devices had become so popular. And before that, it started the development of lots of other technologies. In the pre-Internet era, porn business promoted the distribution of 8 mm Super 8 cameras in the 1960s and helped VHS win the format war with Betamax in the 1980s. Later, the same industry had an impact on the confrontation between Blu-ray and HD-DVD making it possible for Blu-ray to win.

A Little History

Moreover, the development of digital photography is also associated with the intimate sphere: people no longer have to bring photographic films in a photo studio and print pictures that anyone could see. Don’t forget the cable TV which has spread around the world primarily because of the adult content.

The real progress had started with the advent of the Internet. Back in the last century when the Internet was slow, Penthouse magazine offered its readers fast modems. But the dial-up connection was still not good enough to watch videos, so Internet technologies began developing rapidly. It was porn, not the need to hold conferences with employees from different departments located in different cities that made it possible for the Internet to develop.

The Future Of Live Cam Sites

Communication with ladies via video chat is one of the most common types of services nowadays. There is a great number of sites providing such services. It’s profitable and much safer than prostitution: no communication with the client in real life.

Modern technologies and the Internet not only make it possible for space and military programs to develop but also let ordinary people have a good time and turn their dreams into reality. The adult content industry provides the development of virtual reality, robotics (sex robots) and tactile sensations devices.

Virtual reality sex is a great opportunity to explore yourself and your desires. Virtual worlds for adults allow you to customize the setting, turn yourself or another participant into a perfect sexual partner, and also visit places created for satisfying specific desires.

Sex tech engages five basic human senses and helps people overcome physical, emotional and geographic obstacles. It would seem that technology makes us more closed and detached, but in the end, it is technologies that can bring us together.

With the help of technologies, people create realistic animated graphics which is only going to improve. Moreover, the virtual sex world starts integrating with remote sex toys. As this technology improves, the line between real physical sex and virtual online sex disappears.

In addition, virtual sex can solve the sexual problems of people living in conservative regions where unconventional sex is considered shameful and condemned by society.

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