How to legally watch content on live cam sites

Webcamming has given smut a new dimension. Conventional and even VR porn is still a pre-scripted show, where real interaction with performers is unimaginable. Even with the incredible visual depth of virtual reality headsets, a user may only shift angles of view, while the development of the story is beyond his control. 

Interaction is the key competitive advantage of live cam sites. Here, thousands of models are available for chatting 24/7. The absence of production costs makes the segment extremely lucrative, with most popular models making up to $1000 per day. However, webcam platforms are linked to the same restrictions that are imposed on porn sources. 

Local legislation

In the U.S., production, and distribution of porn materials is legal. Elsewhere, however, circumstances vary. Such countries as Bangladesh or India have taken severe measures to block all adult websites. Hence, if you thought of watching some steamy videos while on holiday abroad, be careful. There is a way to circumvent local restrictions, but it is never a good idea to access smut in public. 

In Saudi Arabia, even drawings of partially clothed people on any device could get you in trouble. Customs officials have the right to check your gadgets for any such images and confiscate them. Other countries with strict laws include Uganda, Guyana, Bangladesh, Botswana, South Korea, Uganda, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. However, there are a few solutions, so do not despair.

Tip 1. Get a VPN

A common solution for residents of such states is to install a VPN.  For instance, Indians, despite the recent crackdown on porn sites, are still avid consumers of porn, getting around regional blocks with the help of software. Recently introduced age restrictions in the U.K. have also caused a surge in VPN installation, as too many people prefer to stay anonymous. Virtual private networks, in essence, render most web restrictions useless.

These programs and apps can be free or paid, but the principle is the same. Once you go online, your device gets its own IP address. Local authorities or hackers may use it to track your internet activity. VPNs create an encrypted private connection that masks your actual location. Therefore, a user from China, for instance, may still access U.S. sites disguised as an American resident.

Hence, a VPN will protect you from hacking and keep your session hidden. Of course, not all apps are the same, and some have been reported to leak user data. The logic here is the same as with premium porn sites: if you pay for the service, you are better protected. There are many VPN review sites with details information on each app. 

Tip 2. Access from your hotel room

Even in countries with the toughest anti-porn laws, adult content may still be available in large hotels. Luxury hotels of the Hilton or Marriott networks are often exempt from local restrictions, as they cater to foreign tourists. Hence, you could be able to view anything you like from the comfort of your room. 

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