The main difference between porn and live cam sites

Today, pornography is still the most profitable business, with thousands of videos being watched at every given second. However, there is another option to consider. Models have been performing sex tricks online since internet-connected cameras emerged, and this segment is booming thanks to increased bandwidth. So, should you head to a familiar porn collection or try a webcam platform? It all depends on your desire for interaction.


This is perhaps the key advantage of webcam models. Even the most immersive VR porn, despite the powerful lifelike sensations, is still unable to provide genuine interaction between you and the performer. You may switch angles and watch the action from various points of view, but as for the environment, nothing is customizable. 

Usually, you will see a girl pleasuring your virtual avatar body on the bed. It is still a pre-recorded scene that may only look real, but the development of the story is beyond your control. 

On webcam sites, you can chat with real models or couples. When you enter a  chat room, you will see your cam girl or cam boy in real-time, and they may respond to the suggestions you make in the chat window. Users may submit all sorts of bizarre requests, but it is up to the model to grant or reject them. In general, you may thus see your fantasy fulfilled especially for you. 


Webcam models are different from porn stars. What you are allowed to see depends on the model’s preferences. Some performers will use dildos and other toys, some are focused on BDSM. Users, on the other hand, may just want to talk, and they pay for private chat rooms for the sake of friendly communication. Explicit requests may not be fulfilled, as well as bizarre suggestions like “Can you record yourself and your friends pissing on a night out?”


There are both free porn sites and free camming sites, but the latter still involve tips. Clearly, premium porn sites that require subscription offer the highest quality and best selections of steamy videos. The profit coming from advertising and membership enables them to provide easy navigation and frequent uploads of fresh smut. Free porn sites are inferior but still accessible. 

Certain webcam sites claim to be free, but you will still need to tip the performers. Nobody will undress on camera for free. A share of the profit goes to the site. Whenever you ask your cam girl to perform a certain trick, you need to incentivize her by paying with tokens (the site’s own currency). The daily income of a webcam model may reach $1000. 

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